billing and usage period


Why does my account show usage beginning on the last day of my previous billing period? ie period ends 23rd of month and usage for next period shows usage on the 23rdwhen it should be 24th

This has been happening since December and when I queried it on line at the time I was told it would be correct next period


Also the newly updated My Optus Appdoes not show daily usage after 39 hours. Last period it was a week behind. Why

Re: billing and usage period


Optus use multiple databases to record info. They're not synchronised and can generally report different amounts at different times. The main one to look at is the overall usage figure. Even this is possibly out of date by 48 hours though.


Take Away: You cannot rely on Optus to report your usage in an accurate or timely manner. They will however bill you $10 per GB if you do (rely on them) and go over you limit. 


Best to set local warnings (if Android) or reset monthly usage (if Apple) 


Peter Gillespie

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