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New Contributor miyuu
New Contributor

address dropdown list incomplete

i cannot change my address because my address is not listed in the dropdown list

and there is no option to enter the address manually.


i live in a very large estate of units.

There are over 20 unit blocks here, each with 40 units in each block.

The local Council put me in contact with the  National Addressing Database who say that their database is 'up to date' as per the local council's infomation. 

The local Council says it has sent the information to the National Addressing Database but they have not updated their database.

Both parties blame the other, meanwhile sites like Optus that use this incomplete database without the option of a manual entry mean that customers like me cannot get their address updated. 


Can anyone suggest a solution? 

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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: address dropdown list incomplete

I have this problem as well. The only solution is to use chat every time I sign up for something. You have to use chat to insert the correct address.


To add insult to injury, they use a different address system for their coverage map.

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