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New Contributor Sal_Sal
New Contributor

Why there is no Customer service at Optus?

Just waisted couple of hours at Optus today.


I have 4 mobile phones+ home internet +fetch TV

All but one of the phone are out of contracts! Went to the local Optus shop in north Sydney to see if I could get deal on renewals, the team at the shop obviously interested in getting the mobile signed without looking at my other requirements (Fetch TV + hope phone & Broadband).


Went back to the office and looked at the web site and found I have been paying $115 for my home entertainment package which has been out of contract for almost a year while an equivalent package is currently worth $80?


Called Optus again and waisted another hour between mobile and broadband departments, obviously there no one team that could sell you mobile+ broadband+ tv , you have to make the call with the individual departments!


End up with the broadband guys, he wants to charge me $200 setup fee for moving me to the $80 plan, but I have already setup with Optus and have been for years!!!!!


This is a rip-off outright, there is no customer care or customer retention, instead of moving me automatically to the $80 plan, they kept charging me $115 for almost a year and they want me to pay $200 to move into the same plan that I have!


Well done Optus, you just Pissed off a loyal customer for almost 20 years, I will move my business to Telstra, you pay a bit more, but they value for your service and customer loyalty, they also still have customer care department.

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Why there is no Customer service at Optus?

Hi @Sal_Sal, thanks for reaching out to us here.


The experience you've described is disappointing to say the least. I understand the point you've made in relation to paying extra for a legacy rate plan despite the fact that new offers have been introduced. Since the 115 bundle a number of new in market plans have come and gone. This is simply our latest offering.


You're actually able to move up and down during your contract term (a small rate plan fee may apply). If you're contract period has expired, then we'll simply roll you over on the same rate plan but on a month - month basis. I really don't believe that it's a matter of our staff wanting to keep you on the same rate plan, it's obviously been overlooked. This wouldn't provide any sort of incentive to our retail staff or consultants from any sales channel for that matter.


There's obviously been some sort of confusion with the start-up fee there. If you're recontracting the service, the $200.00 start -up fee would not apply. This is even if you've opted for the $80.00 month - month broadband plan.

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