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So, I'm having  a bit of identity crisis with Optus account. Optus has somehow managed to setup my account username as 'MR' instead of 'MS' in my first bill. I clearly remember setting up as 'MS'. Anyway, I called up Customer care and they confirmed that it has been changed to 'MS'. Come my second bill and it is still 'MR'. Got help from online chat and they too confirmed that it has been fixed. Come my third bill, and it is still 'MR' ! Wow ! So, I decided to visit the nearest optus store to get it corrected and was told that they cannot fix it and I have to call customer care. I'm just not able to understand how much more effort I need to put in to get this simple thing fixed. Extremely disappointed with the customer service !!   Optus -  When you say - "Opt Us", make the customers feel that they made a sane decision by going with Optus. Clearly, this doesn't seem to be happening in my case. What's next ?? 


Re: Username goofup


So sorry for the issues here. There's a few different levels in the system that need updating, it sound like the billing level has not been changed for your account.


Please send me a private message with your account number, full name and DOB. I'll check it out and get back to you asap.

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