Switching Voice to MMS with Voice to Text


I want Voice to Text on my phone. I had it until a couple of weeks ago, when it mysteriously switched to Voice to MMS. And now I'm having a very difficult time canceling it so that I can reactivate Voice to Text. 


Activating Voice to Text seems to be the easy part - there's instructions and a number to text on the site. It fails every time I try, though, and that's presumably because you need to turn off Voice to MMS beforehand. And trying to turn off Voice to MMS has been a nightmare. The site links are circular without ever leading to the page which allegedly has the solution on it. Trying to access the online help chat has never worked on either phone or PC, with the link never loading - or, a lot of the time, not actually being a link at all. And twice I've called the help line and had the person on the other end say they've turned off the service, only for it to either go back on, or continue as normal, the next day. 


What will it actually take to get Voice to MMS turned off and Voice to Text turned on? Because as far as I can tell, Optus for some reason really, really doesn't want me to do that.

Re: Switching Voice to MMS with Voice to Text


Hi @JCal, sorry for the troubles you've had with this one. When you're trying to access our live chat teams from your mobile phone it's be to do so from the My Optus App. That being said if you'd like to send through the full name, number and date of birth attached to the account via a PM we'd be happy to assist. 

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Re: Switching Voice to MMS with Voice to Text


I agree with what has been said here.  I never asked for this service to be switched on, and nowhere are there clear instructions on how to turn it off.  The help section leads you in circles with no solution.  It's extremely dishonest.

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