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Occasional Contributor WasteOtimeSUTPO
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Someone had a thought !!!

Hi All


This is more of a whinge than anything.


So I have had a business  account for a couple of mobiles for a dozen ++ years and I tried to log in to change plans as it was well past contract, with better plans out there, anyway I also have another account  for my kids phones as well 7 or 8 years or so.

When I tried to log in on numerous occasions I could only access my kids account - not helpful.

As I haven’t logged in since last contract renewal I did password resets over & OVER &.... (You get the idea) only to get access to my kids account. This was done over a couple of weeks (I lost interest fairly quickly)

So I finally made the call, which was answered by a real person VERY quickly- well done on that one OPTUS (after the self-serve bit at least)

The answer to my question of WHY? Was that I could not have "2 accounts linked to 1 email address” -- Really

"That was done for security reasons a year & a half  ago"-- "Really, even though that’s how it was set up & both invoices STILL get sent  to the 1 email address" ARGH!!

The only way to get online access is to set up a new email or I have to call in, mmmm.

If you've still reading, well done!

A couple of points & more whinge

  • Really
  • Email address restrictions are the best security?
  • I was going to be advised of the change When?
  • How about blocking overseas calls with local phone numbers, I'm Really Really Really sure that it could be done if someone tried just a little little bit.  Maybe the same departments that can block multiple email address use.
  • Or even the calls & txt that come with no number at all.
  • After all this the deal I was after had come & gone.



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Re: Someone had a thought !!!

You could put all the services on the one account number to make your life that little bit easier, along with data sharing bonuses. 


As as these changes were quite some time ago, it’s possible you missed the notification especially if your email provider thought it was spam. 

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Occasional Contributor WasteOtimeSUTPO
Occasional Contributor

Re: Someone had a thought !!!


Yes that was an option when i set up the 2md account but chose to keep business  complety seperate from the personal


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