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Receiving threats from lawyer / Debt Collection and no account held



I have been receiving a letter from a lawyer firm - Streten Masons Lawyers on behalf of Commercial Credit Control Pty Ltd located in Queensland. Say I owe Optus a large sum of money but I haven't even hold an Optus account. Doubt it is a scam or Identify  Theft. Tried to call Optus but no number for this issues.


Found out a few similar experiences cases from Yes Crowd now. Can anyone please help?

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Re: Receiving threats from lawyer / Debt Collection and no account held

Hi, If' you've never held an Optus account then that simplifies matters. It sounds like a company has bought an Optus debt and is now looking to try reclaim it. One strategy they use is just contact anyone with the same name or address etc. Its possible Optus themselves can no longer help. I'd suggest contacting the firm and requesting the details of the claim. They're legally obliged to tell you exactly what the charges are for and how they were incurred. Hopefully you can ask for what identification info they have and get you ruled out as the debtor in question. 


Peter Gillespie

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