Optus new MyAccount website is terrible


Trust Optus to stuff up everything, now it is the turn of the new website to access MyAccount.

There is a lot less informations than in the old website.

Bad design.

All my saved credit cards info are gone, could not pay my bills had to reenter details then when I tried to pay, there is a field that you have to enter, but NO instructions on what to enter, you have to guess that it's the security code they want even though when you register your credit card they already asked you for the security code.

I also cannot access my other account (Internet and home phone account), it says that it will redirect me to the OLD webpage (why can't it be on the same webpage ?) and then it takes me back to the new webpage, so can't acces my other account, it's like a loop, groundhog day.

Optus, once more, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, your web designers are as bad as your tech support and your customer service.

Why change the format if the old one was working and you can't make a new one work without all those glitches ?

Re: Optus new MyAccount website is terrible


Agreed, thier web developers and customer / support staff are hired from Kindergarten 

Re: Optus new MyAccount website is terrible


try and find your contract end date on the new format.


Re: Optus new MyAccount website is terrible


@cathonyIf you manage to login to your My Account (very hard at the moment, takes many tries to get in), then click on your mobile number (or the name next to your number), it will take you to another screen, click on "Overview" and it should give you the plan and contract end date.


Optus contract.jpg


But that's providing you don't get this when you try login in:


Optus server error.jpg



Re: Optus new MyAccount website is terrible


It is impossible! I can't even access the MyAccount page. It loads, then takes me to a timed out page, then loads again completing the cycle over and over until I exit the page. I can still access other pages on the website, but when trying to find what I am looking for I HAVE to visit the MyAccount page and the website will not allow me!! I am so frustrated. The entire time I have been with Optus (over 4 years), their websites have been shocking. For a telecommunications company, this is appaling. As soon as my contract is up, I will be switching to Telstra. I have waited long enough, only to be blocked out of my own account by a glitchy website. 


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