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Need to update my birth date to change my email address

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The birth date in profile is 1/1/1901. It is obviously incorrect and yet I can not correct in the database, however when I attempt to update my account email address it requests my date of birth and when I enter the incorrect date as shown it states invalid! ???


Re: Birth Date -chang of email address


Date of Births can be stored in several places and databases. Also 1/1/1901 suggests an empty field which might be displayed as you see but doesn't match when you enter it (i.e. EMPTY <> 1/1/1901). Obviously its a big security variable so I think you'll need to get optus to update it for you.




Peter Gillespie


Re: Birth Date -chang of email address


This usually happens when a service was signed up as Prepaid before the identification process during identification became tighter a few years back.

To update your personal details you will need to contact us. Send an e-mail with 100 points of ID to the address I've PM'ed you. Smiley Happy

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