My account is unusable


My account is disgustingly unusable

1) I have 3 services but only one of them is displayed and there is no way to find others
2) Check usage link redirects to the old dashboard and after that straight to "notauthorised" page

3) "To Recharge your Prepaid mobile phone balance please click here." link doesn't pass the current phone number to recharge page

4) The phone number on My Account page cannot be selected. Taking into account the previous point, there is no easy way to recharge balance without manually entering the phone number.

It seems like the page was done by some high school students. It's very very disappointing.

Re: My account is unusable



Re: My account is unusable


Hey @evol & Yeldarb,


I'm very sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with your My Account.


We'd love to get this sorted for you if you can please PM me with your details:


Full Name:

Date of birth:

Username/ Phone or Account Number:

Are you the account holder? Y/N

Email linked to your My Account:




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