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We have 5 accounts with Optus.

1 x Totality account (no my account access)

2 x Evolve accounts (no my account access)

1 x Mobile phone account (my account access)

1 x Mobile / NBN / Fetch account (my account access)


Why can't I access all of the on my account?  Am I not supposed to have some form of online accounts access for all of them?  We were lead to belive that we would have the ability to track calls etc etc for the Evolve accounts, set up phone systems and so on?


Is there anyway they can be on one bill?  Surely we have not gone so far in this technological world that it is no longer possible for a human being to sort this out for us.  We keep trying to speak to people and nobody seems to be able to get it sorted or offer any suggestions as to what we can do to better manage all these accounts.  I can not even arrange direct debits without having to spend an extraordinary amount of time on the phone being transferred around like pass the parcel at a 4 yr olds birthday party.

Re: online access


Hey there,

You've pretty much answered your own question, Totality and Evolve accounts have no My Account access.

Regarding managing your Evolve account, please chat to one of our Business Specialists for further assistance.

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