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Hi, I have an issue viewing my bill. It never loads up no matter what i do. it will not work in windows 10 google chrome or internet explorer 

and not even load on my phone as well i have this problem for a while on windows 10 and my phone for the last 2 weeks

i want save a copy of my bill look like there online service had very heavy latancy this been happen for a long time and there nothing wrong with my internet i like to know why this is happen and never get fixed so far only way i can get view a bill is have it sent in post

Re: issue with service


Hi theprofessional,

Definitely not helpful if you are unable to view your bill.

This one can be tricky to resolve as it's likely something on your PC/phone preventing it.

I'm able to view my bills without an issue on both devices and we haven't had other customers reporting this recently.

They open as a .PDF , have you got the latest software/version installed and possibly anything blocking it from opening?

Can you try from another device, e.g. a work computer, friend's computer, etc.

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Re: issue with service


Still cannot view any bill on my iPad my Samsung 10+ or my Samsung tab 5e or even on my windows 10 in both goggle chrome or internet explorer must be a very crap and overloaded server you have maybe upgrade your server that can handle better load I get error on every mobile device I use come up with error and tell me try again later last successful login was about June 2019 and on my computer come up with something completely different and reload webpage all time 

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