Is there anyone happy with Optus support ?


I would seriously love to see someone praising this pathetic service provider. I havent seen anyone else with such a pathetic support as Optus honestly. I want to simply set up direct debit and i cant. I cant talk to anyone human. The number given which supposedly puts you in queue is only fake, and only give you the option of sending you a link on mobile. What a joke this pathetic Optus is. Thanks God, I have transferred my other 4 services on Optus yet. I will remain with my old provider and will try to see out this contract. Wish had an option.

Re: Is there anyone happy with Optus support ?


I’m not a big fan of their phone support however you could try the live chat support on the link below.

Re: Is there anyone happy with Optus support ?


I have exactly the same frustration. I would never have believed that I could come across worse than Telstra, but all I want to do now is pay up what I owe and get back to them. 

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