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How do i go about increasing the limit on the direct carrier billing (third party content) if possoble as the limit it has isnt enough 

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@AP78, you can update your spend limit through your


Click on the corresponding mobile number under the Your services tab.

Select settings from the menu 

Scroll down to Premium SMS Spend control


The default spend limit is $200. Any increase to spend / credit limit will need to be approved by Financial Services. There is a limit per transaction of $29.95, except Google Play, that has a $49.95 per transaction limit.


Spend and credit limits apply to all third party content charged via Premium SMS or Direct Carrier Billing.


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Re: Direct carrier billing


Thanks Danc i can understand why they have a capping on the amount per transaction but the amount they have set $30 and $50 really isn't of any use on the gaming side.

Do you know if there are plans to increase these amounts in the foreseeable future maybe like this year? Or rumor  has it that they arr planning to ditch the credit thing all together....true??.. thanks for the info

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