Are there any plans to improve indoor coverage at Woolworths Polaris in Bundoora Vic? There was good coverage in this area until a high rise apartment was built in front of the nearest tower. Hoping Optus my have plans to put relocate the tower. You can't make or receive calls inside the Woolworths.

Re: Coverage


Optus dont generally list new sites (unless its for the Fed Gov Blackspot program).


Your area is having a large number of towers uunder mainternance at the moment.


Select Outages top right

Type your suburb name and it should appear.

THis will also give you an indication where the other towers are.


Indoor coverage - escpecially inside large shops like supermarkets who are well insulated to keep out the heat dont mix with mobile signals too well.  I know some have installed legal repeater setups inside to give cusotmers the coverage inside the store.

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