Anyone know now how to escalate an issue within Optus Australia.  I can’t get past the Live Chat people and their generic email address! I’m not calling to be left on hold for over an hour!  Witnessing shocking customer service that I need to get on someone’s desk! I can’t even get an acknowledgment to my emails!  Please help!!

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You can raise an proper complaint with a letter. 


Customer Relations Group
PO Box 306
SA 5106

Be sure to include your Full Name, Service or
Account Number so we can help resolve your enquiry


Legally it still carries more weight and Optus will take it seriously. 


If you don't get the response you want then move on to the TIO.




Peter Gillespie

Re: Complaint


Thanks Peter,


Why, in this day and age, do Optus not have an electronic form of raising complaints?  Letters are so yesterday.  I personally get the sense they they want to try and make it as difficult as possible to raise anything.  



Re: Complaint


Hey @Smiffy, we do actually have an online complaints/feedback form. You can find the link to that one here → These complaints are handled by a specialist team and you should hear back within 10 business days of lodging your complaint. The traditional way to raise a complaint is via our contact centre. If the consultant isn't able to resolve your enquiry, you have every right to ask to speak with their team leader/manager.


If they're still unable to resolve your enquiry, then you can request that they escalate the matter through to our customer relation group. We're more than happy to take on complaints from our end. We also have a number of online service channels such as FB & Twitter.


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Re: Complaint


Is just quicker and easier to go straight to the TIO

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