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Complaint Regarding Poor Customer Service and Response Time

This is a draft version of  a stern complaint I'll be lodging with Optus Management and the Telecommunications Ombudsman. The service provided is unsatisfactory (and I do wonder how the elderly cope, not to mention those of a non-English speaking background).

So what was my problem? I SIMPLY needed to change my primary email address for email Billing notification / invoives. (No, I was unable to change it on-line due to ‘technical errors’).  

After all, if I do not receive the bills, how can I pay for them? Or at least ensure that are sufficient funds in my account to cover the bills?  Whose fault would this be? Mine? Optus would say ‘yes’!

One would think that no matter to whomever I was explaining the request that they would be able to IMMEDIATELY attend to the matter themselves or transfer the me, the customer, to the APPROPRIATE department.  No one should have to go through six and more customer representatives for a simple matter.

My matter was very simple, yet I had been given the run around by customer service since 6:30 Friday evening (7 March). When I finally got through to Ali in Technical Support close to 7:00pm, he advised that I needed to speak with Billing. Unfortunately, they had closed as it was after 7:00.  Why was I not immediately referred to Billing from the very beginning? Nevertheless, i was provided with the contact number and called Saturday morning at 9:00am.

After again being subjected too that through very long-winded and non-user friendly automatic directory service (which does NOT actually offer  a simple 'billing enquiry’ ) I eventually got to the  the right person, but it took two more customer service operators to get me there! (Well it was better than the six or seven or was it eight of Friday evening!)  

Isn’t this ridiculous? Isn’t this a sheer waste of time? Isn’t this extremely poor customer service? It’s okay for companies like Optus to be able to email you directly, SMS you directly and phone you directly. But it’ does not apply to the customer!

I’m sure my complaint is mild compared to others. But this is not good enough.  Optus Management need a good kick up the proverbial - they are simply not doing their job effectively nor efficiently. It’s most unfortunate that the customer representatives are subjected to our terse tone and often-times frustrated anger.

By all accounts, Optus is better than Telstra in this regard because when you finally get to the right Optus ‘team member’ they are able to resolve the matter for you.  But it is a very long, slow, laborious, and frustrating process.

Unfortunately this was not the first time and I fear, it won’t be the last.

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Re: Complaint Regarding Poor Customer Service and Response Time

Hey @geom - really sorry to hear abut your experience and I can definitely appreciate your frustrations with this. Whilst we may not be able to change the primary email address for your actual service due to system limitations, we should be able to change the email address that your bills get sent to. 


More than happy to look into this further and see what I can do to help if you can PM me through your full name, DOB and the Optus account number as well as the email address you'd like your bills to be sent to.

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