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New Contributor Kelsarmy
New Contributor

Change of ownership issue

I recently filled in an online change of ownership form to change my handset from my mothers name to my own. Everything went through fine and I received the email to ‘verify’ my new email address that I’ll use now that I’m the owner. I verified it all but when I go to log in with the email address and password I set up, My Account actually logs into my mothers account (which still has another handset under her name). I don’t understand why this happened as she has a completely different email/password to me, and yet it’s logging me into her account with all my details. Help please, it’s driving me crazy trying to figure it out! 

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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: Change of ownership issue

Hmm it may be that your details need updating for the My Account profile on our end. someone will need to grab your details and check it out. Pop into Live Chat for immediate assistance or shoot me a private message with your phone number, full name, DOB and email address. You can leave it with me and I'll check it out asap. 

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