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New Contributor

Change of SIM ownership

Hi, I am presently using OPTUS post paid sim only plan. I am moving overseas and therefore will have to discontinue the service. However, its a good plan that I have and my mate who is replacing me here in Australia is willing to continue it .. 


My Query:

Can we shift ownership, keeping all the perks of my account intact? if Yes, then whats the procedures, 

if No, is there any way my mate can continue using this sim 

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Honoured Contributor

Re: Change of SIM ownership

Simplest thing is just give your mate the SIM. He puts it in his phone and walla! If his phone SIM is a different size then you can get it swapped over on the spot in any optus store. He pays your monthly bills, gives you money, whatever you work out.


Note that you are still legally liable for any debts on the phone. If you mate racks up usage charges, phones North Korea a lot, etc. then you should make him aware he's got to pay all of that. If you your mate stops being your mate then you will be the one optus asks for payment from.


You can also simply change ownership properly via online here. You mate may need to pass a (simple) credit check to be allowed to take ownership. You can do the change now if you want and then you just keep paying the bills until you hand over the SIM.


Peter Gillespie