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New Contributor

Access to my account easily (like modern websites after year 2000)!

Hi there,


Could you please fix your weird "my account" section of your website.

All I need is to be able to see and access to my account web page without the need to reload the page at least 10 times!!!


I login successfully but almost every time it stuck in the loading state and normally it just dismiss the loading and show me "my account" page which has nothing in it (the data related to my account).


I need to reload multiple times (normally 10 times) to finally load my account data in that page.

It is a very trivial task for OPTUS to fix I guess since I've not seen this kind of issue since 1995-2000 on the Internet!


P.S: All ad blockers are off. I tested on both chrome and safari.


Thanks in advance

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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: Access to my account easily (like modern websites after year 2000)!

I've only encountered that problem when the cache on my browser is cactus. 


Have you flushed your cache and tried again?

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