Access basic a/c details - what a joke


Attempted to access Dashboard, Billing & Payments etc.
Stupid thing keeps redirecting to 'Link My Optus Service'. Are Optus not tech savy enough to link customer services automatically without having to go thru all the bs?
Absolute rubbish!

Re: Access basic a/c details - what a joke


@wriho, depending on where you've signed up, we'll usually register the service for My Account at point of sale.


We've recently switched to a new billing/service platform. In some instances, we are required to go in and manually relink services that have been migrated from our legacy platform to our new platform.


I'm happy to go in and check. If you could fill out the template below and send that through via PM, that'd be great!


Are you the primary account holder: Y/N

Your full name:


Account number or service number: 

Email address:


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