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New Contributor benloftus
New Contributor

What does Optus consider good customer service?

So I pre-order the iPhone XS online as a new customer. I receive notification on 18 September that Optus need to talk to me about the order. After calling the number provided and waiting on hold for 30mins each time without any option for a callback, I eventually drop by an Optus store in person to discover that they only want to confirm the information that I had already provided online. OK, fair enough I guess, but frustrating none the less.


On 5 October I receive a SMS stating "your Optus order has left the warehouse and will be delivered to you shortly" with a tracking number. The tracking number didn't work but whatever, at least the phone was on its way.


Neither receiving the phone or any additional communication from Optus I follow up on 11 October at which time I'm advised that the phone will be delivered in 3-5 businss days.


After waiting another 5 business days and again hearing nothing from Optus I follow up a third time. At this point I'm told that my "order is stuck in our system" and "due to system error, it was not delivered to you." I was then given a StarTrack tracking number and when I asked when I could expect delivery was told " it would be by tomorrow."


Dissapointingly but unsurprisingly I didn't receive the order. I waited an additional day and when I checked the StarTrack number realised that it's status hadn't been updated since October 4, the day before I had originally received notification from Optus that I should expect delivery. So I have to follow up with Optus a fourth time.


So I follow up again and now I'm told that the order is in fact lost and they don't know where it is. When I ask where that leaves me, the customer, I am advised that I now have to wait until October 29 "to give you an update on this consignment to take further actions." Seriously? Yep, afraid so.


So far I've been very patient, have instigated all the communication, have received multiple misinformation from Optus and been offered nothing. Remember that I am a new customer. So far I have been given no basis to believe I will receive any followup, let alone the actual order.


So I tell Optus that this response is unacceptable. An acceptable response would be to send me a replacement order immediately. I don't care whether StarTrack manage to locate the missing package or not. That should not be my problem. Either replace the order or I will cancel it because I am tired of waiting and being given the runaround. But I'm simply told "we don't want the parcel to be lost as well from our side, it just happened so we're currently investigating this for you" (after several weeks and phone calls from me). Essentially this amounts to being told that I am being further penalised for the incompetence of Optus, and being rewarded for my patience by being asked to wait longer.


Of course all of this is totally unacceptable and I'm done, so I have cancelled the order. When asked for a written confirmation I'm advised that I'll receive this "later on" which becomes "within the day" when pressed. I guess we'll see.


And of course I realise that I'm now screaming into the void but hopefully someone, somewhere at Optus will read this and reflect on it, and prehaps even use it to imporove their customer experience. I think I'm a fairly reasonable person but if Optus thinks this represents good customer service then I'm sure they are going to lose many more prospective customers.

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: What does Optus consider good customer service?

Hmm I had the same problems a few years back just trying to get a sim card. Telephone support had no communication skills nor even a basic understand of the products and services they were selling me. Moving forward to this year the same problem when buying a MBB sim. The funny part about this year was I actually spoke with a local Aus based sales person who had no idea there was a much better plan available at the exactly the same cost. I do hope they take some of these complaints onboard however I haven’t seen anything suggesting they do. Smiley Sad

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Moderator Zac_D

Re: What does Optus consider good customer service?

Hi @benloftus, thanks for taking the time to write up your experience. I'm terribly sorry for the run around and lack of communication on our part. I'd like to investigate this for you, pass on feedback about your experience and see how we can help over YC.


So that we can get the ball rolling again or confirm the cancellation of the order, can you please send me a PM including:


Full name:


Mobile Number / Order Number:

Are you the account holder: Y/N

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