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New Contributor TheSpig
New Contributor

How long should I have a Temp online order for?

Hi All,


Apologies if wrong section.


I submitted an order just after Christmas last year, got a Temp order number and was emailed to expect it to be processed in 48 business hours. I am, however yet to even receive an actual order or number, or even any further communication for that matter.


I can only assume it is from a backlog of Christmas orders they have to work through, as I was on hold to chase this up for around 2 hours before I just gave up. Trying to get an update via the online chat only netted me being told to get back on the phone as they don't have the access to chase Temp orders (I'm sorry, what?), went into the local Optus store, was told that they cant assist with any online orders.

Having been with Optus for years with multiple services under the one account, I have to say this is not the usual service I expect from Optus, this is appalling. Why advertise 3 day delivery on the item if its not even initial order stage over 2 weeks later?


Has anyone else experienced this or any suggestions for help or progressing this order forward?




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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: How long should I have a Temp online order for?

Hey @TheSpig


You're pretty much spot on there. When we'd released our Christmas promo offers, we did receive a huge volume of orders/enquiries. This did result in a back of log orders waiting to be fulfilled but we have managed to catch up.


You're more than welcome to send us a private message with your order details. We need your full name, DOB and temporary order reference number →

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