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New Contributor Hasham
New Contributor

Due to too many Enquireies my Credit Score become low

I applied for 1 Product from optus  in last 4 months more than 7 to 8 times.

Every time sales team do credit check and it was declined. No one informed me that contact with Veda to solve this issue.

Then I called Veda and asked them that why my credit check declined every time. They said that Veda don’t have my information in system and they saved my information in system and they said that its ok now and i can apply for product.

I again went to Optus store and sales team applied and again it got rejected.

I again contact with veda and they told me that get a paid copy of Credit file. I did this and got a copy of my credit file. They told me that I can apply for optus product.

I did again and it got rejected.

I contact with Veda again and veda told me that due to many enquiries in last 3 to 4 months my Credit Score become too low and solution is that i have to contact Optus to remove Credit Enquires related to my name in their system and then my Credit Score will automatically will go up.


I tried to contact optus Sales team and other team more than 20 times in last 5 days and no one able to understand that what they can do and i every time made a call of 20 to 40 Minutes and explained them but no solution till now.


Its very simple. I don’t have any Product. I don’t have any Post paid connection or i don’t have any dues against my names with optus or anyone else in Australia but my credit score is low and due to this issue i can apply any thing any where.

I need from optus team to clear those enquiries against my name and then my score will go up.

I need confirmation that all enquires against my names cleared. Thanks

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Due to too many Enquireies my Credit Score become low

Hi @Hasham,


Your credit score is a complex number. Every person in Australia has one. There's no such thing as them "not having your details". You can get your credit score once a year for free. However its not free if you've been declined in the last 90 days.


I'm not sure if you can remove requests for credit. You did actually apply for ceredit many times and were rejected many times. Generally something can only be removed if it is an error. 


The multiple applications and declines will definitely bring your score down. As a general rule you don't want more than 1-2 declines in the last 6 months. I'm not sure how much detail Optus gets but they may just be told you have 6 on your record, not by who, so they worry you are being declined by lots of other providers too. 


If you can get Optus to see that it is only them who are declining you then that might help. Although they refused your first application which presumably had your highest score? Perhaps you need to rebuild your score. Wait 6 months to re-apply. Also perhaps get a credit card with a low limit and use it just a little bit each month and pay the amount off in full each month. That can increase your score.




Peter Gillespie

Moderator GuyCS

Re: Due to too many Enquireies my Credit Score become low

Hey @Hasham - thanks for reaching out. It's my understanding that we perform automatic credit assessments every 3-6 months. In cases like yours, we generally will remove multiple credit requests for the same product.


You mentioned that this has been ongoing for around 4 months now, so we'd recommend speaking with our Financial Services team on 1300308839 (Monday - Friday : 8:30am - 7:30pm, Saturday : 9:00am - 6:00pm) as we're not able to action these types of requests from the Social Media department.


Financial Services should be able to outline the automatic credit assessment process to you in more detail, as well as assess the next steps moving forward. They may also be able to manually remove the credit requests in your name.

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New Contributor Hasham
New Contributor

Re: Due to too many Enquireies my Credit Score become low

Thanks for reply.

I called 1300308839 on this number and there is no option to talk with any one. 

only system services are available. 



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