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New Contributor gottaluvit
New Contributor

Delay in order processing

I placed an order on the weekend for a new tab. I received a temporary order number stating I would receive an update writhing 24-48hrs if the order is accepted and progressed. 3 days later I received another email stating that there was delays due to a large volume of orders and stating there was no need to contact Optus, if the order was approved I would receive an email containing the order number 'shortly. I contacted online chat to enquire if there was any idea how long the delay is so I have an idea when I mihpght expect an answer, was told my order hadn't been processed yet (Yes I knew that...) and that I would need to ring them, I explained last time I rang Optus I waited an hour and a half then hung up, I have no desire to wait on hold that long again and that is why I prefer to use live chat. I was told that he would have someone call me about it 24 -48hrs (insert frustrated groan)  2 days have passed since the email about delayed processing with no further information. I tried calling the number today, have just given up after 1hr 12mins. My dilemma now is this: similar device is currently on sale until 5pm today for almost $150 off, if I wait on Optus and am declined for some reason I may miss out on buying the tab at the special rate. I would prefer to get it on plan, but if need be will buy it outright and get a prepaid SIM instead. 


So after all that my question is, how long is the current delay in processing orders? If I haven't heard by 4pm today I should be able to cancel the order easily, is that correct?

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Delay in order processing

Hmm, that's a fair point @gottaluvit.


When you last spoke with us, we advised that there hadn't been any movement on the application? 


We should be able to confirm if the application has been accepted (despite not having stock). 


Does the order number begin with a T? 


You're welcome to send us a private message. We'll go in and take a look.

I need your full name, DOB and order reference number. 

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