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Conflicting information re EPL subscription


I have home phone, broadband and Fetch TV with Optus paying $115 per month. I registered to get the EPL channel. Yesterday I received 6 emails from Optus about it. 4 of them said:

"You will receive free access to the 2016/17 Premier League season.

We will begin charging you $15/month from 31 July 2017, billed each month until you decide to cancel. "

The other 2 emails said:

"Your plan includes Premier League at no additional cost for the life of your plan whilst Optus maintains Premier League rights. "


I am confused, and 6 emails is a bit excessive!


Anyone else have similar experience? Can someone from Optus shed any light?




Re: Conflicting information re EPL subscription


Hey khrainbow76, so sorry for all the confusion. Our email system did have a bit of a funny turn yesterday and sent multiple SMS's to customers and conflicting information. This is currently being investigated by our IT team to make sure it doesn't happen again. 


Your $115 plan should be eligible to have the EPL add-on free for as long as you stay on it and we retain the rights. But our Billing team can confirm that for you on 133937 or live chat  here.


Re: Conflicting information re EPL subscription


You have this season free and for next season they will start charging you. this season is known as the 2016/17 season. it says it will start billing from the 31st july 2017 which is the 2017/2018 season. So you have a free year for epl access and once the epl is commenced for this season you can decide if you want to pay $15 for the season afterwards. 

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