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i have signed up for a optus cable broad subscription including the premier league. the fetch box was delivered and I have activated it. I didn't get any email about activating the premier league. I rang Optus - weeks ago - they said they had activate something for me and I would get an email - weeks later no email rang again - they got me to activate on my iPad and said fetch to would activate premier league automatically in 20 minutes or up to 24 hours - 24 hours later still not activated. 


getting very frustrated - help!



Re: Can't activate premier league on fetch tv


That's very strange Smiley Sad So you're able to view EPL content on your iPad using your EPL login? What happens when you press the "EPG" button on your Yes TV by Fetch remote and scroll down to channel 113? You should be able to view the 24/7 Optus Sport channel. If it asks you to subscribe then accept it. 

Re: Can't activate premier league on fetch tv




Fetch TV Support assistng Optus on this one.


The 24/7 Optus Sport channel should already be live at CH113, and you should also see the overflow channels from 980 onwards - these will be used for multiple games once the season starts.


The EPL catch up app is not yet live on Fetch TV, but will appear on your TV drop down menu when it is ready.


If you also want to be able to watch the EPL app on other devices in addition to Fetch TV you need to go to Menu>Manage>Subscriptions and add Optus Sport.  It say's there is a $15 charge, but also says if you subscribe before July 31 there will be no charge - so make sure you do this before July 31.  Optus will then send you an email or SMS advising of any next steps to finalise your full EPL subscription.




Fetch TV Support


Re: Can't activate premier league on fetch tv




I am having similar problems. I am meant to have free Premier League subscription for three years on my Fetch TV and it is not activated. I am not keen to subscribe again using the prompts on the screen as I am not sure if my three subscription will be overwritten with a one year free subscription because I am essentially signing a contract when resubscribing and I am not sure how this will reflect in Optus' back end systems and I don't want to start being charged in a year's time.


I tried to call tech support on 13 13 44 and follow the prompts and get to message which tells me to go to this website and find out that it is just a forum website.


Interestingly there is no answer for my problem - just a lot of other frustrated customers with a similar issue. Surely this would be a catalyst for fixing the problem or at least telling people what to do.


So then I try to find a phoine number and I am always annoyed when you have "TRY" to find the contact us phone number. Eventually I find it and notice a comment saying if you do not find an answer then I can call a number which was a 1800 number. So as the number was different I was hopefull of being put in contact with a different phone service and having someone try to solve my problem. But alas it was the same phone service as before and got the same directions as before i.e. go to this website.


So now I am at the point of writing a "rant" and now waiting for a call back from tech support at 9am after I called and followed prompts for a different TV service fault to the one I actually have in the hope I can talk to someone.


So on another note - it seems some services have 24/7 support but not TV. Now to me this is NOT acceptable as I got fetch TV for the English Premier League which will show games outside regular business hours. I don't want to miss out on watching a game because support is not available outside of normal business hours. Premier league is a 24/7 service with critical times outside our timezone and I hope there is support structure in place that reflects this.


Outside of solving my problem I would be interested to know how the Optus team test their support services, In a world that is so focussed on customer centricity I feel Optus lags the crowd substantially. I would suggest someone creates mock problems and asks staff to test the "support experience" because time and time again it is very poor.


Re: Can't activate premier league on fetch tv


Heya! Sorry to hear about your troubles with getting registered for the EPL. Depending on what plan you're on (most newer fixed broadband bundles over $85 p/month) include subscription to the Premier League however you do still need to register for this online here and you may need to subscribe on your Yes TV by Fetch box too. This doesn't mean we will charge you the $15 but as with other offers, we do need to show what you are paying for then add a credit to your account.


If you can PM me through your Optus account number or service info as well as the email address you have tried to register with and your full name and DOB I can set up the subscription on our side but it will still say it's $15 per month if you look under subscriptions on your Yes TV by Fetch box.

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