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registration and refund


Please help me fix this ASAP!

So last month, I had bought a Optus SIM prepaid card online (it's the one that has a promo of $180 for 120 GB for 365 days) and after it arrived, I tried activating it. During the activation I had used an existing number that I have. 

Lets call this existing number SIM B. 

SIM B is another Optus prepaid plan that is owned by my mom when she is visiting here and is also under my mom's name. 

with that information, we know why my sim card is not able to activate for a long time when it should have been 15 minutes to 4 hours after I try to activate. So at that time, being clueless about the problem, I contacted Optus counter at chadstone and they told me I cannot transfer a number if the previous number is also from Optus and thats why I'm having trouble activating. 

they also told me that I won’t be able to do anything about the $180 SIM card that I bought online, and they told me I should just get a new plan and have the $180 refunded. 

so I did buy a new postpaid plan. they activate it for me and I got a new number. It worked, I finally got service.  

However, when trying to register an account in the Optus app using the email, so I can use the messaging feature to refund, the app told me I already have an exisiting account. This is the email that I use when registering the 180 plan and also the email they used to register the new postpaid plan. I have already told them that thats the same email I was using and they told me there weren't going to be a problem. 

anyways, After the app told me I already have an existing account and I can't register an account with the email, I asked the staff once again and they told me that you will be able to register again if I give it some time since they say the information hasn't gone through yet or something.

but it's been weeks since I went to the Optus counter and still, I can't seem to register and they say that I already have an existing account. 

I tried going to the Optus website and log in, and I manage to do it, I also manage to change the number registered in the account email to my current number and still, it didn't work, the app told me the account is not linked with the current number I use(the new postpaid number) 

Please help me fix this. I need to be able to refund my $180 plan (and an additional $10 plan I didn't mentioned before because it was irrelevant.) and register my account successfully. 

It's been months I keep having problems with Optus. Please do not take this lightly, I really need your help. Thank you. 



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Re: registration and refund

@samanthaaaaaa  As per the Large Bold Red Text on the Yes Crowd Page 
"Note: Yes Crowd cannot access or view customer accounts/orders."
You can try and call Optus 133 937 ignore the prompt to dial 1 and wait for the options.
I have read there is a long wait on the phone.
You can message Optus support via the My Optus App, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
The third option would be to write a letter to 
Optus Customer Relations Group
PO Box 306 Salisbury South 5106.

I am an Optus user.
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