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Returning 5 G tower

Dear Optus team,

I had signed up to the new 5G service as I needed great internet which 5 people working from home due to COVID19. The sales team at the local store assured us that 5G was present at our location. We we returned home excited to use our new 5G tower, we discovered that there was no service at all. After 2 hours on the phone, we were able to cancel the plan (6/4/20) and were sent a box to return the tower. This needed to be done within 30 days or we would be charged for the tower. The box cam the next week, but is it the wrong size for the 5G tower, it is obviously for the normal modem. After another 2+ hours on the phone on the 14/4/20, we were told that another box, the CORRECT size would be sent to us. I flagged that the 30 day limit was ticking and that I didn't want to be billed for something that through no fault of my own I haven't been able to return. I was assured the new box would arrive in time for me to return the tower. It hasn't and I have spent another 2.5 hours on hold today, only to be told at the end of that time, that you have a service problem and I need to try again.

How can I get Optus to take back something that was falsely sold to me without incurring any further charges?


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Re: Returning 5 G tower

It wasn't falsely sold to you. Optus guarantee a good 5G signal. And by guarantee I mean if you don't get one then you can return the equipment for no charge. That's why the guarantee exists (Optus knows 5G is in your area but not if your house can get it).

I wouldn't worry about the 30 day period. At the moment Optus are snowed under and generally re-crediting those payments as needed. You may end up with an automated bill but you should find it removed on request if that happens.

Re: Returning 5 G tower

Optus send a return padded satchel.
All they want is the modem and power supply.
Does not need the original box. It will all fit in.
If your sending it in the original box then yes you will have problems.