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Prepaid Data Only Sim


I recently purchased an Alcatel modem and have just tried to activate the included Optus prepaid data-only SIM. Is it possible for me to activate this SIM and not change service providers or my phone number? I only purchased this modem because I need portable wifi, not a new phone provider or anything like that. I tried to message through the IM on the Optus site but because I haven't finished the registration process, I don't have an account name or number or anything. 

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Re: Prepaid Data Only Sim

Hi @josephine01, thanks for reaching out to us here.

The mobile broadband service you're trying to activate is a stand-alone product that has it's own SIM and will be issued a new phone number upon activation.  You don't need to link it to your existing mobile phone service nor do you need to bring your number across to Optus to use this mobile broadband service.

You can activate your service on the Prepaid SIM Activation page and just follow the prompts to complete the sign up.  As part of the process, you'd just need to recharge your service with the amount you'd like for your chosen plan.  Find out more about the recharge options on the Prepaid Mobile Broadband Recharges page.

If you're having troubles recharging or need further assistance, please reach out to us by a private message via our Social Media pages (official Optus Facebook page or Twitter page) where we'll be able to give you a hand.


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