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4th May 2016, 1:42pm


by Occasional Visitor cameron3064
‎2016-05-28 02:04 AM

I have a iPhone 6 and I noticed I have VoLTE as of tonight I'm very happy the calls are so much more clearer

by Visitor TGSNT_TV
‎2016-06-22 04:24 PM

I have an eligble phone and service i received a message saying you can't activate VoLTE on my server but no specific reason why i meet all the criteria ?

by Contributor danz207
‎2016-06-22 05:25 PM

If I'm on a call using VoLTE and I move into a 3G only zone (e.g. City Loop); will the call be carried over or disconnected?

by RetiredModerator andrewCOYG
‎2016-06-23 09:42 AM

Hi danz207, If your on a VoLTE call and you move in to a 3G zone, the call will be automatically switched to the 3G network.

by RetiredModerator andrewCOYG
‎2016-06-23 09:51 AM

Hi cameron2064, Good to hear that your call quality has improved. This is one of the benefits with VoLTE as well as shorter call setup and the ability to simultaneously access 4G data while making a voice call.

by RetiredModerator andrewCOYG
‎2016-06-23 10:04 AM

Hi TGSNT_TV, I have sent you a PM. I can look into this further for you.

by Frequent Visitor Ronswanson
‎2016-06-25 07:28 PM

Does VoLTE work across all carries or is it just Optus to Optus at the moment?

by New Contributor Highwalker
‎2016-06-29 03:30 PM

How long does it take to activate VoLTE? I have iPhone 6

by New Contributor Highwalker
‎2016-06-30 06:57 PM

Hi, its 2 days since I got the message that the VoLTE service would be activated, but it doesn’t seem that it has happened. Can someone check and let me know how long this takes to activate?

by Occasional Contributor AV8R767
‎2016-07-02 10:42 AM

I have VoLTE in Perth but I don't have the switch in setting to select VoLTE. I own a Samsung Galaxy S7 which I bought outright so how can I get it on my phone?

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