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wifi intermittence packet drop for 5 sec in every 3 mintues

I firstly found the problem when I was having a call using skype. The call was interrupted for few seconds in every few minutes. I then set up a job to ping the default gateway which is on the broadband router. I found that ping lost for few seconds in every 3 minutes. 


The following picture shows the ping result to the default gateway.



Here is the details of the router. REBOOTING doesn't help. PLEASE DON'T ASK ME TO DO IT AGAIN. 

Board ID:F@ST3864V3AC
Symmetric CPU Threads:2
HardWare Version:253712055-C
Serial Number:N7180924M00
Mac Address:34:6b:46
Build Timestamp:190507_1738
Software Version:10.87_F@ST3864V3AC_Optus
Bootloader (CFE) Version:10.33
DSL PHY and Driver Version:A2pv6F039x6.d26r
Wireless Driver Version:1.363 RC45.18483
Voice Service Version:Voice
Uptime:1D 23H 14M 13S


my laptop is using static IP instead of DHCP becasue the DHCP server built-in the router is buggy.

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Re: wifi intermittence packet drop for 5 sec in every 3 mintues

Do you get the same results when wired?


Peter Gillespie

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