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Occasional Contributor HighPingDropout
Occasional Contributor

very high ping, constant dropout (cable)

ive been getting 1-2mbps at peak times since i joined (1.5 years ago). i just tolerated it and went on with my life. the ping has always been horrible, with 500ms spikes, but still i tolerated it.


but over the past month, i've been getting INSANE ping spikes, every single day ive lost count of the times i disconnected from games online, the # of losses caused by this, the lag, the time wasted. i cant even buffer youtube at 720p. im completely fed up with this sh17, but im still within contract. how do i request for a discount? i've seen other people with unstable internet over long period of time get discounts. there's no way im paying $60 for a internet with consistent 8 second pings.

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: very high ping, constant dropout (cable)

If you haven't told Optus about the problem then I don't think its reasonable to expect them to discount anything. 


Optus Cable generally works at a minimum of 25Mbps and easily at 100Mbps. There would seem to be an issue with your installation. Possibly a faulty modem or electrical fault or something in the connection.


Contact Optus directly and request they send out a technician to exammine the line. They'll probably send a replacement modem first but hopefully you should see the issue fixed (rather than just get a discount for something that continues to not work)


Once you've registered the issue, if Optus can't fix it then you should be able to get a refund for subsequent months and be able to exit your contract without penalty.


I take it the NBN is not in your area yet? This will use a new cable to access your house so the issue should not remain after joining the NBN.


Peter Gillespie

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Moderator GuyCS

Re: very high ping, constant dropout (cable)

Hey @HighPingDropout - not great to hear you've had recent issues with your cable service. Have you spoken to Tech Support regarding the issue yet?


If they've been unable to help, please send me a private message with the following info and we'll check it out:


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