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New Contributor ETC123
New Contributor

unstable connection

I switched across from copper (ASDL) to NBN back in December last year as my area was being switched off in Feb 2018. I never had a problem with the internet and phone previously. Never. Since I moved to the NBN from day 1 it's been unstable (I have FFTN) - just internet issues at first. Now internet and phone are unusable. Its gradually become worse and worse over time. Really? Is this what the new and fancy NBN was all about....? I don't care about speed. Just something that works.


For the first week, I thought maybe they're still in the process of switching across from another network. I had some "cross talk" type texts from Optus as if they'd not realised they had made alternative arrangements. I thought perhaps some teething issues. Then my phone and internet went dead. OK. Then I became annoyed. I called and called and called to get in contact with someone with no response when promised - technician after technician "missed" the appointment time. Finally after a couple of weeks someone came and it was an issue at the node. Yep. OK fixed it. I finally had internet. Only a day later, again, the same unstable internet. Drop outs on a regular basis. Busy lives mean we accept the unacceptable. I let it go for months (until 3 weeks ago) and now I have no internet and phone. 

I've been in a cat and mouse chase trying to talk to someone who will do something. A "more stable" connection upgrade did not work, a new more powerful modem did not work. One tech support said they would escalate to NBN Co if issues continued, but later another tech support said there is no problem on their end. Hmmm... Never! Somehow it only got worse.

So now, I'm at my witts end. My only mode of contact is a mobile with "another company". Thankfully I have that. In all of this, I've done the right thing and paid my bills. When I "lost" the connection early on, I asked for an additional discount for the time when the internet was unstable. I was refused a discount (except for the days when 0 bytes used) because I "obviously had connectivity some of the time" and so had no claim. Optus, that's poor customer relations. 


My question to everyone is, is jumping ship going to relieve the pain, or will I be faced with the same issues? NBN fail.


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