Re: unbelievably slow Cable speeds!


I feel your pain.  My internet is just a useless, expensive piece of rubbish.


I've given up trying to deal with Optus support as it is a huge waste of time and effort to finally be told "sorry, it's just congestion".  My speeds have been deteriorating for at least the past year and for the past 6 month, in the evenings, it's usueless.




Re: unbelievably slow Cable speeds!


Hi @KazStar, I'm sorry to hear you've been having trouble with your internet connection. What type of connection have you got at home? If it's a fixed broadband service (ADSL, NBN, Cable) it doesn't use any mobile towers so the network map you're referring to isn't relevant to the issues you've been facing.


Re: unbelievably slow Cable speeds!

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I have been an optus cable customer for over 15 years but the speeds recently have me thinking about alternatives.

I'm in Montrose on Cable with the speed pack - speed 6.35mbs and 0.85mbs.  Slower than ADSL.

Surely there should be compenstation paid to this continuing slow speed.  Years now

Tech sport have sent out 4 modems and countless reboots.

This is not the issue - the NETWORK is SLOW!


Tried to 'chat' with tech support tonight and 'Juliet' was very helpful until she said she was going to check my service from her end. 

Surprise surpirse - chat was disconnected and unable to get back on.

DISGRACEFUL!! customer service.

Will go to ombudsman to see if he can sort it out.

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