trying to change bills to emai


I have recently changed my plan to an Unlimited fusion plan


if I also change my account to email bills there is a reduction in cost, so I get into manage my account and select switch to email


it then asks for my name and account number. this is where it gets tricky, as it doesn't recognise my account number


why is this so?

Re: trying to change bills to emai




In my experience, some accounts can be tricky. Would I be right in assuming you have a Cable account (just based on the plan)? If so, you'll need to follow the steps here for Member services. Alll that being said, if you have a cable account and cant follow the instructions in that like (they can be pretty hard to follow), I'd suggest getting in touch with customer service and they'll do what they can to help.


If you have a ULL service or a 15 digit account number starting with an 8 or a 9, it does become a bit easier. You can still use the same link above, but follow the section for My Account. If you're still having these issues, have a chat with customer service as in my experience, theses accounts can be tricky, even for people who work with them everyday.


All the best and keep us posted on how you go!

Re: trying to change bills to emai


I have no idea if my plan is cable or ULL (dont know what ULL is?)


it was very easy initially to go to my account and my dashboard and then change my plan to the new plan I have, but changing to email hasnt been that easy


in the dashboard there is a tab that says switch to emailed bills but it all falls down after that


all I know is that the plan is called unlimited fusion 30mbps


what was strange, when I sected the new plan they sent me not one new modem but two. one is a Netgear CM500V the other a Sagecom Fast. for now I'm still using the old modem from the old plan

Re: trying to change bills to emai


@bonza, that'd be an Optus Cable/HFC account. 


ULL is simply another abbreviation for an Optus direct ADSL plan. 


Have you tried the "Link a service tab" tab?


You'll be prompted to enter your Optus username i.e


If you're still having trouble, I'm happy to give you a hand with this one. I should be able to link the service from my end.


If you could send us a PM with your account details, that'd be great!


I need your full name, DOB and account number →


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Re: trying to change bills to emai


the biggest problem is that there is simply no account number under my profile

when I look into my profile details there is an account number for my mobile, which is on a seperate acc, but when I access my phone and broadband details, the account number is given as my intitial followed by my surname. and of course if I enter that detail to "switch to email bills" it is rejected

Re: trying to change bills to emai


Hmm.. we'll need to take a look into this to get a better understanding of what's going on. Please feel free to shoot through a private message to us here on Yes Crowd or via Live Chat, so we can look into it for you. 

Re: trying to change bills to emai


just a quick update


i ended up contacting optus over this. it would appear my new broadband/phone land line plan has the same account number as my old plan. why it doesnt show up on my dashboard under 'my account'? who knows


main thing is that the assistant was able to change it to email bills for me

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