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@damien1985 This wasnt the case for me.

Following this

and this

Port 88, 3544 and 4500 were not open.

Opened them and added to the firewall rules, reset router and now i can get on every time. I just quit turned off the xbox, rebooted and tried 5 times got on everytime.

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Have been reading through the pages and pages of replies thus far, good on all of you for bringing this problem to light and making Optus accountable.


I work for a web company and when we have ONE person that can't access one of our sites we get hounded for a resolution from the client in question.  This is no different and we resolve the issues far far quicker than Optus have here.  If they have multiple engineers, and I use the term loosely, working on it, it should have been resolved within a day.


Pick up the phone and get onto Microsoft, this is a major major issue, I would not be surprised to see a class-action launched that sees people get out of any internet connection contracts for failing to deliver.


I've just done a test for my sanities sake by tethering my Optus iPhone to my Xbone, connected, loaded the game, chose to Play and BAM! straight into the lobby....


I have a Vodafone 3G wireless access point sitting up in the cupboard, I'm tempted to get that down, connect it up, then charge Optus for my data bill until the issue is resolved.  They had known about the problem during Beta, saying that there was insufficient data to deal with the issue at the time is absolute bull***** and a disgrace.  These kinds of issues don't go away, you're a major ISP in this country and you KNEW there was a problem.  Instead of sitting on your hands you should have been in contact with Microsoft and associated parties to work through the issues.


It's just not good enough, I went and shelled out $600 SPECIFICALLY to play Titanfall when it came out, level playing field... Now when ever I get online I'm mixing it with people that are 20-30 levels ahead of me with far superior unlocks....


Optus will be told to jam it sideways come the next time I need to renew my contracts, TV, Internet, Phone, Mobiles....

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Those ports are open on mine android and its not make a bugger of a difference.



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Service is still presently unavailable. Any recent word from Optus on the matter?

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How do you "open" those ports with the CG3000v2? Trigger? Forward?

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Their facbook is rage central. Everyone is posting links to show how the media have reported in this issue and their removing them.... or trying to seems

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@android my all ports that are listed on Xbox support page have been open on my modem for the last 2 months when I opened them manually so I know that just having those ports open isn't enough to play this game.

I just posted on Optus fb page that article that was written about this issue and took a photo of the page and now they have deleted my post haha

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@android opening ports on that modem is port forwarding

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Sorry that was @shpeshal_ed

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[ Edited ]

When i run my xbox hard wired to my modem, i nearly always drop out at the known times, i then unplug my ethernet cable and am always able to play Titanfall through the modems wireless network. I do have cable and am from Melbourne. This seems to work for me.

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