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For several months I have kept getting spam emails, always offering prizes from Woolworths, Myer, Coles, Qantas, Bunnings etc  from the same domains. eg



And others. I have selected the “Report Spam” option on the Actions menu every time but keep getting them!

Any suggestions?



Re: spam emails


What are you using to check your emails? Optus website?


Report Spam just sends a general report for info to somewhere. How that info is used is pretty much unknown.


Usually you can also blacklist any email address (or part of an address) - do you have that option?


Do you have an option in the menu to set up a rule? Like delete any emails with the word 'sugarplum' in it? etc.




Peter Gillespie




Re: spam emails


Thanks Peter. Yes I go to the Optus website. I tried both those options you suggested - can't blacklist and can't set up rule. I've reported to the Report spam email website now. Otherwise will have to keep deleting!

Thanks anyway,


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Optus's spam filter seems to be no longer working. I'm getting three to four of these spam emails daily from those you've listed above. Despite me cleaning my mailbox out once a week and using the "Report as Spam" feature in webmail, they just keep coming. Optus need to lift their game on this because I'm sick of it. It's the same email addresses that keep coming back and despite reporting them, Optus seems to do nothing. 

Re: spam emails


I am also tired  and annoyed at receiving continual hoax and spam emails pretending to be from Optus. I am especially concerned at those emails that say my account is overdue and seek payment. Like others in this group I have pressed the "Report" btton in webmail many times. I have even  phoned Technical Support to complain and ask what can be done to stop these bogus emails.  In my last conversation they assured me that they had taken steps at their end to ensure I wouldn't continue to receive these emails.

Like many others in this forum / group / conversation I don't believe Optus are really taking this as seriously as they should be or doing their best to stop it. I really feel sorry for customers who are not computer savvy (perhaps the little old lady out there) who falls for these scams. As there seems to be a general consensus among the Yes Crowd posts that not enough is being done by Optus I think one possible way to get action is by starting a formal petition. I'm not exactly sure how to go about this but perhaps further input from others may help to get the ball rolling.

Re: spam emails

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Spam is a bit tricky. By its nature, once one form is blocked they tweak and send it through in another. Obviously Optus have no interest in customers get swindled (unless it is by them of course Smiley Happy) but some email services are better than others.


Not to disuade you, but a petition to Optus with 100? names saying "Please block spam better" sounds unlikely to be much more effective than dispatate comments in this forum. Optus Customer staff are probably not unique in telling individuals "That's being looked at", "That's fixed", "I'll report that to the relevant department", etc. when they have no such knowledge or options.


If you want to effect change IMO, do so by doing it yourself and not hoping a company may one day do it for you.


FWIW I don't recommend anyone use an ISP email service. It ties you to their service when other much better deals might be available elsewhere. Online accounts like GMAIL are free and in general offer a much better product than any in house email service. Security is much improved with two factor authentication and better recovery options (if you get hijacked). Spam filters are almost spot on (I never get spam in my primary inbox). It autofilters mail into Primary, Social, Forums etc. and of course you can always switch ISPs with zero disruption to your emails.


If you want to migrate just set up a GMAIL account, and forward your Optus emails to it. You can easily import all existing emails as well. Start updating online details to your new gmail account and telling people to use your new emails and after a month or two emails forwarded from the optus account should be down to a trickle


Note that Gmail probably won't block forwarded spam, so don't blame it for that.




Peter Gillespie

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I keep getting these emails too (and it's nine months since this thread was started). Supposedly from Aldi, Coles, Woolies, Dan Murphy, IGA, Mazda, Lottoland, Nike, Lidl, Bunnings, etc. Clearly spam. Optus are indifferent. Both helpdesk and Twitter @optus gave no help other than sympathy and vague comments like it's been looked into.  I already have Gmail and I would love to stop using Optusnet but as someone who has been with Optus around 12 years I'd have to find the 25 or so organisations who use my Optusnet email account for correpondence and change settings etc. but it has got painful enough that I'll probably do that soon. Then I have one fewer reason to change ISP. I'm clearly not alone. So ultimately loser will be Optus if they don't address this.


If my Gmail can filter out spam such that I only receive processed meat once or twice a week from them, Optus should be able to do the same. 

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I had similar issue, stopped using my Optus email acc. All these random “Template blah blah” emails every day plus major retailers rubbish..  Then similar spam popped into my gmail acc and I got REALLY annoyed, managed to get a link to unsubscribe and contact them, which I couldn’t with Optus emails.  Turns out it was generated from Oneflare who said I recd it due to a pest controller search done in 2016, which was true, but Oneflare I definitely didn’t subscribe to.  They agreed to unsubscribe me, and voila, a short while later my 20+ a day spam emails have ceased  in Optusnet email acc as well as nothing further in Gmail..  Give it a try, contact Oneflare..hope this helps.

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I am also  fed up with Optus not filtering obvious spam. Todays spam is from "Optus <>" which is the same account that my regular bills come from

How do you block one and not the other?



Re: spam emails




I guess it depends on your interpretation of spam. is a legitimate Optus email address. 


What sort of content is included in the email?


Is it marketing collateral?




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