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slow ADSL+2

What is the normal speed for Adelaide.I am currently on the $90 a month ADSL+2 home phone bundle and only gets speeds of up to 1.8Mb it can drop to 1.3 at any time of the day .I've tried the isolation test and other phone sockets in the house .this has not changed since I changed my plan.

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There's no real "normal" speed for a whole city when it comes to ADSL in general. The way the technology works means there are way to many factors to take into account to have a blanket approach.


Maybe give Optus tech a call and ask them to check that everything is set up correctly. They'll run you through the standard testing which can be tedious but push through it and they'll look over everything. They'll give you an idea of what sort of speeds you should be expecting based on your distance from the exchange, users in the area and everything else.


Best of luck!

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Re: slow ADSL+2


Facing the same issue here in Westmead 2145. Services were fine in the begining but have taken a turn for the worse suddnely. No idea whats going on!!!!!

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hi its what optus calls looking after their customers it is happening all over oz the congestion line is bull they are onselling there service to tpg virgin and iinet creating overcrowding i have friends on telstra getting 30 mbps  it might cost more but you get what you pay for

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Hi I recently signed up for the $90 ADSL2+ bundle. The connection is extremely slow. Speed tests on optus and shows d/l speed of less than 1 mb/s. I was previously with Telstra at the same address and used to always get d/l speed of around 10 mb/s and know this slowness is not because of the exchange distance. Its so slow that this community portal took ages to load on my home broadband and I had to tether from my mobile internet to compile this post. Really disappointed.

Re: slow ADSL+2


Hey murali2610,


Welcome to Optus and sorry to hear of your experience. Can you please confirm if you've since reported this to our faults crew on 131344 to further investigate and if so, were you provided with a fault reference number?

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Re: slow ADSL+2


Just lately I have been getting slow speeds too , here are the figures 

Last Result:
Download Speed: 2885 kbps (360.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 690 kbps (86.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 21 ms
Jitter: 3 ms
10/23/2015, 6:30:59 PM

this isnt even half the speed I used to get , should I just ring the tech line or is it because optus has over done it with to many customers and on selling to other companies as well 

Re: slow ADSL+2


I don't know why Optus people try to pretend they care or can do anything about the slow speed.


It's been bad ever since all the streaming services came on line and poor users are stuck with a 1Mbit trickle and NOTHING WILL CHANGE untill the NBN reaches your area and even then I'm not sure that Optus infrastrcuture will manage.

Re: slow ADSL+2


Sorry to hear podderick and js-optus, I can assure you that we are upgrading exchanges and cable areas around the country to alleviate peak time slows. Our tech support team will be able to provide an estimate on of any planned upgrades.

Re: slow ADSL+2


Same here:  Mine drops to 0.23 MB/s regularly.  I have a fault ref number but looks like I need to call .  sigh.  again.


I am a new customer and over the 4 weeks it has been mostly unusable in parts.  And Forget about TV - unless its free to air, or have to watch it pixelated, pausing and skipping.  I have had 1 successfull recording in 4 weeks.

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