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simultaneous connections HOME WIRELESS BROADBAND



I have the Huawei B525s-65a modem with my home Wi-Fi connect it works well,

However with 5 kids 2 adults many google home devices, lights, alarm, camera, printer, etc. etc. it is starting to fail connections

The information i have is 64 devices can connect however looking at the modem i never get past 32 WIFI connections.


My question is - Is the 64 device connected both LAN and Wi-Fi or is it total i.e. i can have 64 connected to WIFI because that is not working?

Thanks in advance for your help




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Re: simultaneous connections HOME WIRELESS BROADBAND

Hi there,

I'm sure others will have a better idea but maybe consider a wifi router to take up some of the load mind I assume the QOS may be a little affect anyway with all hat hanging off.



Cheers Dave

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