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sagemcom F@ST 3864V3AC modem


I had optus cable with a netgear router and had a stable 30Mbps download. After the modem has been replaced with a sagemcom and line speed has fallen to a stable 22Mbps but the wifi speeds have fallen to 5Mbps. Checked the channel/location/restart. No difference. Why is the newer modem so slow.

Re: sagemcom F@ST 3864V3AC modem


Hmm and that is the million dollar question that nobody has been able to answer. It has been said many times on this forum that the WiFi on that device is not up to the task. Other than getting a replacement that will probably do the same thing there does not appear to be any other options. Do you still have your Netgear router?


Re: sagemcom F@ST 3864V3AC modem


You can still use your old modem if it has a WAN port.


Or you could also just plug the Ntegear into the Sagecom modem and disable the wifi on the SageCom and enable it on the Netgear.


Peter Gillespie


Re: sagemcom F@ST 3864V3AC modem


Thanks Peter, it would appear that it is a very poor modem, especially compred to the comments on the Telstra modem. Unfotunately I ended up with the sagemcom as the netgear was blown in a storm. 

Along with the poor performance the sagem also has poor security...if you have the wifi access password you have admin access to the router, renders parental control obsolete. 

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