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I had a few problems with my router (sagem fast) as i could not change the settings because i had so many open ports conecting to the internet. So I bought the, what I thought was the compatible D-Link that would be rite for the NBN (Fiber to the door) I rang optus and have spoken to many consultense about what my problem was but they could not be that stooped and not now what i am asking for is the user and password for the conection for the internet gave me everything else but what i was asking for. i can see the username on the routers interface but not the password because it is doted out can anyone help

Re: replacing router


Your post is a bit garbled @Micksch


Do you want the password to your new modem or your old optus modem? 


Try taking a picture of your sticker and zooming in to see if you can make it out.


Are you using a landline phone?


Peter Gillespie

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