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New Contributor alanmoore
New Contributor

problems with land line after connecting to the NBN

I have just connected to tghe NBN and all seems ok except for 2 issues with my home phone , using a Uniden DEST 6.0 phone.

I can use the phone to make calls , so it is conncted ok

When incoming calls ae received , the ring tone does not work so i so not know there was a call

Also the number of rings seems to be higher than the limit expected on the Uniden 6.0 phone so it goes to the OPtus messages not the Uniden 6.0 anseering machine


I have spent the bult of the afternoon trying to contact Optus and getting very frustrated and annoyed


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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: problems with land line after connecting to the NBN

Are you plugging your phone into the PHONE1 socket on your Sagem router? 

I'm a Yes-Crowd Contributor, not an Optus Employee, and I contribute on a voluntary basis. Did someone on Yes Crowd answer your question? Did they share a great tip Please remember to acknowledge their awesomeness by throwing a Kudo and or Accepted Solution their way.
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