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Occasional Contributor Simon1001
Occasional Contributor

Re: port forwarding on f@st 3864

Hey mate I saw your post I've actually found the port forwarding rather easy on the optus seagomcom router go to nat in advanced options and advanced setup .

You should have the list of ports go add I would make sure you know what your particular devices internal ip address is and also select custom service also make sure you know the exact port that your device uses .

Usually you can input the port number into all specified fields.

Now to access from outside your home use your houses external ip with the port number e.g. 67.200.300.100:8080 (ps nor actual ip) into your web browser address bar hope this helps

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New Contributor JonKloske
New Contributor

Re: port forwarding on f@st 3864

That's great and all, but can you confirm the model number is the same? If it is (which I suspect it is, but seriously, be specific) then you should also note other people have been able to get it set up, but it's not always reliable.


Additionally, accessing the redirection from inside your network doesn't work (it only works if you're coming in from outside your home network).

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