Re: port forwarding on f@st 3864


Hollie, I think the problem is the product optus supplies does not work reliably, and has some fairly unusual limitations which people may not be expecting. As annoying as it is to have Optus explain "we don't support this - it's outside our boundary of support", it's more annoying when it's implied it will work as expected and that we should talk to some third party tech support.


Just a follow up from my last post btw - the steps did work for a bit, though as noted not from inside the network. But, conveniently, a few weeks after I left, they stopped working again. And remotely fixing not being able to get into something remotely is kind of hard.

Re: port forwarding on f@st 3864


Thanks for the update jklo - I'll definitely pass your feedback on in regards to the modem and our support boundaries. 

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Re: port forwarding on f@st 3864



I came to this post as it was extensively searched for port forwarding. But unfortunately no clue what Dauntless2015 got in his private response. Could someone possibly 'Dauntless2015 ' post a solution to post forwarding instead of people searching everywhere to find a solution to this problem.



port forwarding on f@st 3864


How about everyone eles that is having this problem with port porwarding on f@st 3864? I have been trying for over a week to get ports open so I can run my FTP, ventrilo, telnet, ect servers. I have a need for this service just as much as everyone eles complaining about it.


can this be reinvestigated and publicly posted please?

Re: port forwarding on f@st 3864




Ditch it and buy a better one. I don't know why Optus can't offer a better router. I have tried and some time it worked and sometime not.

Re: port forwarding on f@st 3864


Can you tell me where you did this? and how?

Re: port forwarding on f@st 3864


I think, it was via virtual server option but as I said it worked for some time and the access dropped so I can't reliably say that it worked.

Re: port forwarding on f@st 3864


Just register to say that, I had the port forwarding done using virtual server, it works at the time when I tested it, after a week or so, when  I need to use it (webdav) it connects very slow, and when I clicked on the folder on the mapped drive, it freezzzed, and I am not able to connect anymore.


The conclusion, it is very unreliable, it works for some time, and dropped. The only way seems to replace the modem router with some better one, even cheap TP-link one works better.


P.S. I am on ADSL2, need port forwarding for WebDav to connect to Synology NAS.


Re: port forwarding on f@st 3864


"Tried to port forward port 25565 (TCP/UDP) but cant see the port.


Any ideas?"


The reason that you will never see any report that the port is open is because (NBN only) the NBN box on your wall or in the basement is a MODEM and requires the F@st 3864 which is only a wireless router and not a MODEM which handles all of the packets.

(With the NBN you can effectively plug your laptop or pc directly into it via an ethernet cable, but it will only be able to use that device hence why the F@st 3864 is required.)



The reason it will never display as open is because it is not directly facing the "Internet" there is another "Man" in the middle.

and that is what those sites will read.

However this said, your connection will still go through, and it's best to use VirtualServer and not port triggering.


Watch this network skilled Kid, help explain it more Smiley Happy 



Re: port forwarding on f@st 3864


Awesome!! Thanks for the confirmation. The critical step was to set up the static IP address in the router .. if you do this with any other method it doesn't seem to recognise the port for forwarding. Mine works fine now.


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