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poor service from Optus




Agent (11:06:46 AEST) : Hi, this is Clooney from the broadband and nbn technical team, welcome to Optus LiveChat.
Visitor (11:06:50 AEST) : hi there
Clooney (11:07:01 AEST) : Hi, how may I help you today?
Visitor (11:07:06 AEST) : can you put me thur to NBN connections please...
Visitor (11:07:24 AEST) : look up my ref SL082837
Clooney (11:07:25 AEST) : I'll check your Account and help you with your issue.
Clooney (11:07:34 AEST) : I would need few of your privacy details to pull your account, please fill the pop up box.

Clooney (11:07:34 AEST) : /f custinfo
Visitor (11:08:04 AEST) : i asked you on friday, to call us on sat , and fis our phones set up line is now NOT worlking, nor is the NBN
Visitor (11:08:25 AEST) :


Clooney (11:08:54 AEST) : Thank you for the details, Anthony.
Clooney (11:10:26 AEST) : Please give me 2 to 3 minutes to check and get back to you.
Visitor (11:10:52 AEST) : ok
Clooney (11:11:08 AEST) : Thank you.
Visitor (11:12:05 AEST) : no one called us on sat. One tech was outside our house fixing number 21. but not ours. he was right there, but doid not have an order from optus. bloody dissapointoing
Visitor (11:12:50 AEST) : this is 4 th time i had to contact you, i will now request a credit for no service of phone land line, and no service from optus .
Clooney (11:13:19 AEST) : I understand.
Clooney (11:14:10 AEST) : You have migrated from cable to NBN. I see that order is still pending, I'll go ahead and connect you with the Activation team to check and help you with your issue.
Clooney (11:14:13 AEST) : Would you like me to connect you now?
Visitor (11:15:13 AEST) : i asked this from the start.
Clooney (11:16:42 AEST) : I understand your concern, we need to check the Account and confirm the issue first. As I have checked, the order is pending so the Activation team will have to check.
Clooney (11:17:24 AEST) : The issue is with particular websites or with every websites?
Clooney (11:17:43 AEST) : Sorry for the typo
Clooney (11:17:51 AEST) : Please ignore the last line.
Clooney (11:18:05 AEST) : Can I connect you with the Activation team now?
Visitor (11:18:24 AEST) : send you people to our house and fix the dammn nn thing. tahyts all we ask. your NBN people came put half a job in, and left. ... please fininsh job, and get it working like it has been for 20 years with optus.
Clooney (11:19:14 AEST) : Yes, this is the reason I am connecting you with the Activation team since it has not been completed.
Clooney (11:19:28 AEST) : We have only the access to help you if the service is active.
Visitor (11:19:48 AEST) : its now 13 minutes..... please hurry .. dont have all day to waste again.
Clooney (11:20:04 AEST) : Please give me a minute to connect you.
Info (11:20:38 AEST) : Clooney has transferred this interaction.
Info (11:20:39 AEST) : The interaction has been transferred to Berry
Berry (11:20:49 AEST) : Hey there!
Berry (11:20:50 AEST) : I was going through your previous chat and fetching your details and also reading your query.  Please do give me 2 minutes here.
Visitor (11:21:45 AEST) : why didnt optus call us on sat to fix issue, like they told me friday on this chat line to activation team. very didappointing
Visitor (11:22:00 AEST) : this is 4 th time i had to contact you, i will now request a credit for no service of phone land line, and no service from optu
Berry (11:22:27 AEST) : I am so sorry about it, since you have reached me, I will do my best here to have your service activated
Visitor (11:22:40 AEST) : can you put yopur BOSS on the line..
Berry (11:23:18 AEST) : Anthony, if you give me a chance here, I will do my best to work on your order here.
Visitor (11:23:54 AEST) : ok. i wont say anything tell me when you ready ...whats going to happen. step by step. i'm liststening
Berry (11:24:35 AEST) : Of course, Anthony! Do give me 2 minutes here and I will have a look on your order and will let you know all the details of what needs to be done
Berry (11:24:48 AEST) : May I know if your installation was completed?
Visitor (11:25:30 AEST) : no. just the NBN box went in by tech. then left me to do rest. i tryed to log on, and errors....
Berry (11:26:03 AEST) : I mean, did the technician install the NBN box ?
Visitor (11:27:01 AEST) : yes, thats what i just said.
Berry (11:27:24 AEST) : Alright, Thank you! I will run some tests on your modem here.
Visitor (11:27:26 AEST) : your records, should know all this stuff.
Berry (11:27:39 AEST) : Yes, I just wanted to confirm with you!
Visitor (11:27:41 AEST) : i m not home, so dont ask for anything
Berry (11:27:49 AEST) : Alright, Anthony!
Visitor (11:28:51 AEST) : i know it words, i read the instructions. all lights were green. its something else that needs completiuon. like the modem its, and the land line to work.
Visitor (11:29:32 AEST) : Optus told me on chat line , when i sighed up, that the old HAND sets dont work, and they would send us new hand set for land line . this was not sent to us ...
Berry (11:30:49 AEST) : I am so sorry for the misinformation provided to you, we do not send any home phone to any of our customers.
Berry (11:31:20 AEST) : Anthony, if there is anyone at your home, can you please check if the internet is working?
Berry (11:31:35 AEST) : I have completed the tests and activated the service here.
Visitor (11:31:37 AEST) : i just told you that. do you understand us ??
Visitor (11:32:15 AEST) : thats why i asked for your BOSS. . when we finished here, i l' be calling the telecommunications obusdman.
Visitor (11:32:49 AEST) : please read all chats, then reply to what isked please...
Berry (11:33:25 AEST) : I am sorry , Anthony, but the nbn team do not work on weekends and hence that is why your activation of home phone and internet is delayed.
Berry (11:34:14 AEST) : I understand that you want some credits for the misinformation. Shall I provide you a waive off $30 off your first bill?
Visitor (11:34:43 AEST) : ok. so m y land line is working now ??
Berry (11:35:19 AEST) : Yes, Anthony!
Berry (11:35:27 AEST) : It is even ringing Smiley Happy
Visitor (11:35:34 AEST) : people called me all weekend, phone rings on their end, but not at home ??
Berry (11:35:45 AEST) : You can try if you want Smiley Happy

Berry (11:36:00 AEST) : I see. Okay, do give me a minute here.
Visitor (11:36:07 AEST) : when i get home tonight will check, and then get on chat line again for 6th time. hopefully it all works ..
Visitor (11:37:20 AEST) : Tech was working on PIT onstreet on sat, fixing no 21 houese.
Berry (11:37:23 AEST) : Don't worry, Anthony! There are a few pending tasks left which will be completed by the end of the day, Since it is a change of service order. There are a number of activities that need to be transferred over to your new service.

 how many times do i need to  cal optus  to install NBN. ??


Visitor (11:37:30 AEST) : NBN do work on sat. i see them all the time...
Berry (11:37:56 AEST) : I understand, but I can assure you that the service would not have been activated.
Visitor (11:38:04 AEST) : are finished now ... i need to work....
Berry (11:38:32 AEST) : Alright, Anthony! I hope I was able to resolve your issue and leave you with a peace of mind,
Berry (11:38:54 AEST) : Is there anything else that I can help you with? Smiley Happy
Visitor (11:39:08 AEST) : make all these notes on my account please. good nite
Visitor (11:39:46 AEST) : will optus tech call us to check when we are home, so they can come install / fix. dod whaever they need to do ???
Berry (11:39:51 AEST) : Sure, I will do that for you!
Berry (11:40:18 AEST) : They have already done everything! Smiley Happy

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Re: poor service from Optus


Just checking if you need further assistance with anything? 

The chat transcript indicates the situation was resolved, is that correct?

If your purpose was to share the experience you had with the agents we will forward it on to our Live Chat management team to review.

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