optus voip and other matters




Does anyone know the settings for voip as they apply to optus which maybe able to be setup in a new modem.

I am told may not be possible to use a new modem on nbn and voip with optus.

so question is if you are with another isp can you set up that sip proxy settings for optus voip or not  if not why not?

you can set up my netphone and others on any modem.

we set up primus on our voip then switched and set up aussiebb even diverted the optus phone to aussiebb voip.



Steve Gregory

Re: optus voip and other matters


Optus does not release the SIP details, as they don't support any other configuration.

There is a WP thread on how to "backdoor grab" the settings, however it is NOT SUPPORTED and if you do it, they won't log faults through until its proven with their hardware.


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