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New Contributor

optus cable - ipv6 and BGP ?

Just a quick question - and sorry about the wordiness I tried looking around to see if I could find a technical query contact for optus but coun't find one.


I currently have a residential cable connection (HFC) through optus - Say I wanted to set up a small buisness at home and change my plan to a buisness plan, would the following be possible?

Is there any posibility to get an IPv6 allocation from optus? If not, is there are timeline as to when optus is ipv6 ready?


Is there any ability for optus to route a provider independant /48 ipv6 block on my behalf? Ideally I would like to peer via BGP using a private ASN and receive local routes + default route while I advertise my /48 to optus.


If not I can just wait until the NBN comes next year and then i'm not locked in to any provider.


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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: optus cable - ipv6 and BGP ?

Hey @JuniperBerry,


Thanks for reaching out. This topic has come up a fair bit over the years. The thread that tends to re-emerge most is this one We completely get that there's demand for ipV6 but I'm still unable to offer a time frame. To be completely honest with you, I don't think it's going to be something that we offer over on Optus Cable. Have you thought about a tunnelling service at all? I'm by no means an expert but maybe some of our regular contributors could offer some viable options.

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