on demand epl stuttering


ive had this issue for over a month now... try to watch an on-demand game.. and it plays 5 secs..2 secs stop..and repeat... spent another hour of my life on the phone and then she says.."Oh..this is a known issue..someone will ring you back"..this is in addition to my internet being dropped out everyday when i go online for the past 6 or so weeks.. Im almost at tipping point.. if i stay im after a HUGE refund!!!!... give it back to Foxtel.

Re: on demand epl stuttering


I have same issue

soft reset done with no change, no mention of known issue

my nbn speed has halved also

has your on demand issue been fixed?


Re: on demand epl stuttering


Hey @OGMGB & @tunza - Sorry to hear of your On Demand experience. 

I would suggest lodging this with our faults department here. A technician will then contact you to discuss further. 

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