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i switched from telstra to optus 10 weeks ago and still NO internet service at home - anyone else had this problem?

I have been assigned a case manager who has been helpful but NOONE else offshore can seem to help resolve the issue. leaves me no choice to go back to Telstra - anyone else had this problem?  I have complained to Telecom Ombudsmen who said I have a valid case - maybe I refer back to them to get it resolved


Re: no connection


Geez, 10 weeks @irz02


That's far too long have a wait. What type of service have you signed onto? 

Optus Cable, ADSL or NBN? You haven't been given any reason for the longer than normal delay?


If you like, you can send us a private message. We'll need you to include the following details:


- Full name


- Account or order number


We'll get back to you as soon as we can. 


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